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SDSC, SHAR provides world class launch infrastructure and has an array of facilities aimed at providing simultaneous preparation and launch of multiple launch vehicles, over the year. The launch complex has end to end support facilities for vehicle assembly, fuelling, checkout, launch operations and satellite preparation. There are also facilities for launching sounding rockets meant for studying the earth’s atmosphere

Satellite integration facilities are established at SHAR to meet the requirements of pre-launch integration and check out operations of satellites. The pre-launch operations on Satellite will be carried out mainly in three areas.

SP1B Facility

SP1-B facility is where the Satellite and other ground support equipment are received. The checkout room in SP1-B will be used to house the checkout equipment for satellite checks and health monitoring. The clean room conditions are as given below.

Cleanliness : 100,000 class
Temperature : 21±1deg C
Humidity : 50±5% RH

SP2B Facility

Propellant filling and pressurization checks are conducted in SP2-B facility. The facility also supports Satellite Integration to the Vehicle and Pay load fairing assembly, depending on the mission requirements. The clean room specifications are as given below

Cleanliness : 100,000 class
Temperature : 21±1deg C
Humidity : 50±5% RH

SP3 Facility

SP3 facility is the launch pad area where the satellite integration to Vehicle and removal of all non-flight items take place. All the final checks, electrical connector mating and verification etc are carried out at this facility where the clean room is established with the specification given below.

Flow rate : 2300 kg/hr
Air temperature at Payload Fairing inlet : 13° C with 1ºC tolerance
Air temp around satellite : ~22± 3°C
Relative humidity : 50 ± 5%
Cleanliness class : 100,000 class
10,000 class (after Payload fairing closure)