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Indian Space Programme and Genesis of NSIL

Indian Space Programme primarily focuses on deriving socio-economic benefits from space technology and its applications for national development. Over past five decades, having successfully realized 100 plus satellite missions, over 70 launch vehicle missions, mission to Moon and Mars, and having embarked on the human space flight mission (Gaganyaan); India is in the league of elite space-faring nations.

Space activities in India, from the very inception, had the participation of Indian industry, with over 500 of them currently working with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). To meet the ever-increasing demands of the Indian space programme and to commercially exploit the emerging global space market, Indian Industries need to scale up their manufacturing and production base.

In order to commercially exploit the products and services emanating from Indian Space Programme the "NewSpace India Limited" has been incorporated in March 2019, as a wholly owned Government Company under administrative control of Department of Space. NSIL currently has an authorised share capital of ₹7500 Crores and paid up capital of ₹ 5607.60 Crores. NSIL is the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). For more details about NSIL,click here.