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NSIL is India’s first commercial satellite service provider owing their own fleet of 11 state of the art communication satellites. NSIL is mandated to establish and maintain national space infrastructure for the telecommunication needs of the country and facilitates the provision of the same. The NSIL fleet of communication satellites is one of the largest in South Asia and brings in close to 10000 MHz of Satellite capacity in C, Ext C and Ku bands for users based in the Indian peninsula. With this, NSIL is the satellite operator with maximum satellite capacity deployed over Indian sub-continent.

The state-of-the-art satellites in NSIL fleet have been realised on ISRO’s proven I-2k and I-3k platforms. The satellite capacity is utilised by a large number of service providers in the domain of Broadcasting, Telecommunication, DSNG, DTH IFMC and so on. User networks from both public and private sectors have shown their faith on the satellites and continue to run their network on the same.