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Remote Sensing Data and Services

Operational remote sensing data and services in India were initiated with the launch and commissioning of IRS-1A, the first operational Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Satellite, in the year 1988. By then, India established an institutional mechanism in the country, namely the National Natural Resources Management System (NNRMS) to drive the country to operationally utilize the data from these satellites. Since then, many IRS satellites were realised by India. Currently, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) operates four series of satellites namely, Resources, RISAT, Cartosat, Oceansat. Meteorological services are provided through INSAT-3D/3DR satellites.

The services offered through NSIL are

  • Consultancy Remote sensing application projects
  • EO Data & Value-added products
  • Training Courses


Consultancy Remote Sensing Application Projects

ISRO’s operational remote sensing programme started with the launch of IRS-1A in the year 1988. Since then, many applications projects have been carried out in wide varieties of themes starting from Agriculture, Forestry to Disaster Management Support. Through Technical Consultancy from ISRO, NSIL carries out Consultancy Remote Sensing and GIS application Projects.

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EO Data & Value-added products

IIRS, a 50 years old institute of ISRO, is a key player for training and capacity building in geospatial technology and its applications in Southeast Asia. NSIL brings in customised training to users through this globally renowned institute.

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Training Courses

NSIL is exclusive EO data disseminator for Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) data finer than 5m GSD. NSIL in collaboration with NRSC is providing these state-of-the-art data and products through Bhoonidhi portal.

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Arunachalam A

Director, RSDS

Prince Agrawal

Deputy Manager