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NSIL offers the highly reliable and versatile INSAT Communication Satellite Platform series, INSAT 1000 (I1K), INSAT 2000 (I2K), INSAT 3000 (I3K), INSAT 4000 (I4K) and INSAT 6000 (I6K), with varying payload and power configurations.

INSAT platform have been utilised in various ISRO and customer satellite missions over the years. The INSAT platform with reliability accumulated over years of successful mission life is an ideal choice of customers for realisation of high quality, low cost and flexible satellites.


The main objective of Remote Sensing satellites is to gather information about earth's physical, chemical and biological systems.  The first operational remote sensing satellite IRS-1A was launched in the year 1988.  It was built on I-1K platform. Since then, many Earth Observation satellites have been launched for studying land, ocean and atmosphere.Currently ISRO operates Resourcesat (Land applications), RISAT (All weather SAR satellite), Oceansat (Ocean applications) and Cartosat (High resolution/ large mapping application) series of satellites.  ISRO also has built mini satellite platforms namely IMS-1, IMS-2 and IMS-3 to cater to small satellite needs.